212: Diversify Tech with Veni Kunche

December 9th, 2020 · 59 mins 21 secs

About this Episode

01:17 - Veni’s Superpower: Being Adaptable and Not Giving Up

02:25 - Going From Coder to Entrepreneur

07:00 - Being Protective and Selective of Company Partnerships

  • Vetting Companies
  • Glassdoor
  • Talking to Underrepresented Folx at Companies to Ask for Feedback

14:05 - Changes Veni Has Seen Over Time re: Hiring Around Diversity and Inclusion

15:38 - Things Hiring Managers Should and Should NOT Do When Hiring for Diversity

  • Look at Metrics
  • Rethink Job Description Requirements
  • Revisit Your Interview Process

19:13 - Entry-Level Support

21:50 - Upholding Integrity > Capitalism

25:48 - Revenue Transparency

32:13 - Finding Your Place in Tech and Serving Underrepresented People

  • Filtering Out Companies
  • Guidelines
  • Next Steps
  • Giving Company Feedback and Direction
  • Company Culture

51:29 - Being Vocal About Work Conditions; i.e.: “Whistleblowing” / Employee Dissent


John: The critical role that organizations like Diversify Tech have created by placing themselves in a trusted position between job seekers and companies to protect underrepresented minorities.

Rein: All Veni’s work developing rubrics and intuitions about companies that are worth working for/with is extremely important and her sharing this expertise is very valuable.

Veni: To learn more about how comfortable candidates/employees feel about talking about dissent within their organizations.

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