192: Bringing Our Whole Selves with Siobhán Cronin

July 22nd, 2020 · 50 mins 44 secs

About this Episode

02:36 - Siobhán’s Superpower: Catalyzing Personal and Community Change

04:19 - Managing Change During COVID-19

  • Experiencing Joy While Grieving
  • Bringing Your Whole Self to Work (a boundary being stretched like never before)
  • Working From Home: Ranges of Experiences and Comfort-Levels

13:51 - Pros and Cons of Bringing Your Whole/Full Self to Work

  • Building Affinity & Care
  • Interfacing with Capitalism
  • Painpoints as Learning Opportunities
  • Having Boundaries
  • Building Inclusive Communities and Workspaces
  • Extending Grace and Care

34:08 - People Have to Do Work on Themselves

“You’re not categorically a good person.” – Siobhán

  • Check Yourself: Look at Yourself Honestly
  • Psychological Safety


John: How can we inculcate more caring into corporate environments?

Jerome: Being more fearless; acknowledging consequences but not letting them stop us.

Jacob: Being more visible.

Siobhán: Building on each other’s ideas during the call and showing care while showing up.

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