Siobhán Cronin

Special guest

Siobhán is an engineering leader with a passion for platform engineering, machine learning, and building strong communities.

She began her career researching how humans learn at Harvard’s Lab for Developmental Studies, and now stewards human-computer ecosystems solving problems that matter. She is currently the Engineering Manager at Landed, where she leads a team of engineers helping support the financial well-being of essential professionals.

Siobhán has published research in Brain & Cognition, Neuroreport, and Model View Culture, and presented at the Conference on Complex Systems, Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience, AlterConf, PyLadies, Metis, and Temple University. She is the lead developer of SwarmOpt (an open-source swarm intelligence algorithm library), a guest researcher at Slow Research Lab, and an engineering mentor at Hackbright Academy.

Siobhán enjoys powerful conversations, championing women/NB changemakers, dancing, laughing, enjoying delicious food, reading poetry, supporting friends through life transitions, and building strong communities.

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