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Tech The Halls 2017 Special Edition Episodes by @therubyrep


Mandy getting ready for "Tech The Halls 2017!"

Male Allies and Being Mindful with Sibyl Edwards and Priyanka Komala

Sibyl Edwards, President of DC Web Women, cofounder of Technicolor DC, a coalition uniting diversity-focused tech groups to advance the color of tech, and BFF (Black Female Founders) and Priyanka Komala, a technology leader, distinguished speaker, and DCWW champion, talk about organizing the Tech The Halls event and why they do it, and the importance of having male support as women in technology.

Philanthropic Initiatives and Workplace Gender Diversity with Julia Rodenas

Programming Co-Director for DC Web Women, Julia Rodenas, is helping to organize a charity drive for Thrive DC, a nonprofit that helps to battle homelessness in the area, during the party.

Tech For Everyone with Nicole Mathews

Nicole Mathews, the event coordinator for DC Web Women, and I talk about how it can be intimidating to get into tech, and feel comfortable saying that we're in tech, especially when people usually just associate the field with software development. Our consensus is that we belong here and you do too!

Thrive DC with Greg Rockwell

Greg Rockwell, the Community Relations Manager for Thrive DC, talks in depth about what they do for the homeless population in the DC area. They provide vulnerable people with a wide range of services to help stabilize their lives and serve as a safety net for people experiencing homelessness, unemployment, housing instability, and food insecurity. With their help, and the help of supporters and donations, clients take the first steps toward independence and self-sufficiency.

Mindful Leadership, Managing Culture Change, and Cultural Wellness with Melisa Rivera

Melisa Rivera, of LuxQuest Media, talks about her job as a Creative Director. Her goal is to tell stories that inspire social change and impact through powerful storytelling. She talks about the importance of being well: mindfully, spiritually, and physically, and the impact that it has on your life and in business.

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