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The Human Side of Technology

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For a long time, tech culture has focused too narrowly on technical skills; this has resulted in a tech community that too often puts companies and code over people. Greater Than Code is a podcast that invites the voices of people who are not heard from enough in tech: women, people of color, trans and/or queer folks, to talk about the human side of software development and technology. Greater Than Code is providing a vital platform for these conversations, and developing new ideas of what it means to be a technologist beyond just the code.

Featuring an ongoing panel of racially and gender diverse tech panelists, the majority of podcast guests so far have been women in tech! We’ve covered topics including imposter syndrome, mental illness, sexuality, unconscious bias and social justice. We also have a major focus on skill sets that tech too often devalues, like team-building, hiring, community organizing, mentorship and empathy. Each episode also includes a transcript.

The Community:

We have an active Slack community that members can join by pledging as little as $1 per month via Patreon.

For Prospective Sponsors:

Each show costs roughly $600 to produce. This includes:

  • Show management
  • Audio editing
  • Writing and publishing of show notes
  • Writing and publishing of transcripts
  • Guest outreach and scheduling
  • Guest preparation
  • Community management

Our Reach:

Currently, each episode is getting between 3,500 and 6,000 unique listeners from all over the world. This results in between 14,000 and 24,000 downloads per month. We are also regularly currently using our own personal funds to send out stickers to Meetup Groups and give to friends of the show to hand out, no matter where they live. We have also made and distributed t-shirts in the past for free. We have made a huge effort to attend conferences to share the vision of the show with people and we have been very well received at conferences such as: RailsConf, RubyConf, RubyNation, NationJS, AlterConf NYC, DevOpsDays DC, Code(Her) Conf, Codeland Conference, Catskills Conf, and ElaConf.

We want to continue to build our show (and take over the world!), but we need financial help to do so. We love doing live panels at conferences as well. If you're interested in having us do one, we're all ears!

Your sponsorship makes a difference in our community, and should you choose to sponsor, we will continue to check in with you to see if you are seeing returns in sponsoring the show and how we can help make the most of your contributions.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mandy Moore