118: A Piece of Luck with Jessica Kerr

February 20th, 2019 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

01:50 - Jess’s Superpower: Being a Property of a Situation

Karl Popper

04:25 - The Interpretation of Luck and the Psychology of Scarcity

08:17 - Physics; Physics and Software

12:06 - Conference Speaking

15:53 - Undervaluing Code

22:13 - Defining ‘Done’ in Software Development

25:51 - TDD, the notion that “Coding is easy!”, and Resilience to Failure

Smart Kid Syndrome

Pairing with Bunny

42:04 - Learning While Teaching Others Programming

Avdi and Jess stumble through modern web development

JessiTRONica on Twitch



Jamey: Things never being “the end”.

Finite and Infinite Games (print)

Finite and Infinite Games (pdf)

Sam: There might be an ending for you, specifically, but it’s not really an ending for anyone else.

Jacob: Figuring out problems by vocalizing them.

Jessica: Check out recent works from Karl Popper.

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