046: Specialization vs Collaboration with Aria Stewart

September 13th, 2017 · 46 mins 13 secs

About this Episode

00:16 – Welcome to “The World is Upside Down. Can DevOps save us?” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!”

01:07 – Background and Superpowers

09:22 – Diagnostic Troubleshooting: “Expert Intuition Effect”

14:23 – Understanding Entire Systems vs Specializing in One Area

17:15 – Isolation Leading to Contempt

28:42 – The DevOps Movement and Culture Change

34:45 – Contempt Towards Processes

Janelle Klein: A Programmer’s Guide to Humans @ SeleniumConf UK


Astrid: Having a holistic approach towards Software Development.

Coraline: Why specialization leads to contemptuous behavior between teams and how to solve it for early career developers.

Janelle: Inside of us, we all have a soul.

Aria: Start telling new stories about the people who build fantastic products and tools.

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