059: Science All The Things! with Pamela Gay

December 20th, 2017 · 59 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

01:13 – Pamela Podcasting, Since…well, FOREVER!

Astronomy Cast

365 Days of Astronomy

Adam Curry

02:19 – Pamela’s Superpower: Solving Random Problems with Software

05:19 – Becoming a “Reluctant Coder” i.e. Coding Out of Necessity

10:58 – Battlestar Galactica => Greek Mythology => Space => Astrophysics

14:52 – Doing What You Have To Do vs Doing What You Love To Do

20:27 – The Goal of Podcasting and Target Audience

23:57 – Understanding and Knowing Everything: Good? Bad?

26:03 – Outsourcing Work as a Personal Loss and The Internet’s Graveyard of Abandoned Projects

32:06 – Open Sourcing Work Yourself for the Benefit of Others

36:58 – Writing Software to Engage People

CosmoQuest Citizen Science

44:22 – Crowdsourcing Requires Trust but Garners Better Results

48:02 – The Motivation of Citizen Scientists



Jessica: The layers of people in software and people in software and how we’re all learning. It gets hard to separate the people from the technology.

Also, having goals you DON’T want to achieve.

Coraline: Seeing crowdsourcing being successful.

Jamey: Curiosity isn’t necessarily about finding out the answer. It’s the pursuit of the magic.

The tenuous path we all take in life, and what decisions cause us to be on the right path to the right here, right now.

Pamela: If we collaborate with the technology, maybe we won’t get silenced.

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