184: The Python Software Foundation and the Future of Conferencing with Naomi Ceder & Ewa Jodlawska

May 27th, 2020 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

01:39 - Ewa’s Superpower: Organization

02:01 - Naomi’s Superpower: Empathy for the Marginalized

02:51 - The Python Software Foundation (PSF)

05:26 - Regional and Local Meetings: Building a Healthy Community

06:52 - “Everybody Pays” and the PSF Budget

  • Financial Aid

11:16 - How the Pandemic is Effecting the PSF

13:20 - Intellectual Property

  • Holding in Trust for Community
  • Preserving Goodness
  • PyLadies
  • Brand Integrity

16:36 - The Development of a Code of Conduct

  • Enforcement
  • Ratio of Enforcers to Attendees

23:08 - Naomi: Classics, Language, and Computer Science

29:15: Ewa: Ending Up in Governance

31:03 - Ewa and Naomi’s Roles in PSF

  • The PSF Board
  • The PSF Staff

35:49 - Creating Emergency Funds

40:18 - Grants & Sponsorships

42:33 - Contractual Agreements

46:22 - Engaging in a Virtual Setting Over In-Person Events

51:15 - Approaching Issues Marginalized People Experience


Rein: If you want to understand how an accident happened, you need to understand why what a person was doing made sense to them at the time. “What would this mean if this made sense?”

Jacob: Looking forward to new conference formats.

Carina: What solutions are people pitching for moving to virtual gatherings?

Naomi: Only in our space do we think it’s "weird" to talk about whether or not we need emergency reserves. Also, online Hallway Tracks? Yes or no? What do now?

Ewa: Moving to online events is emotional.

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