137: Pairing & Sharing with Llewellyn Falco and Clare Macrae

July 3rd, 2019 · 1 hr 8 mins

About this Episode

01:32 - Clare’s Superpower: Collecting and Sharing Useful Information

04:31 - Llewellyn’s Superpower: The Ability to Collaborate with Others

08:01 - Pairing Together: C++ Version of ApprovalTests

12:15 - Pairing Retrospectives: What emotions did you feel?


16:21 - Kinship Formed Through Working Together

18:55 - Working Asynchronously vs Live Pairing

20:15 - Writing Documentation for Pairing Sessions and Working to Improve the C++ Community Culture


30:44 - Safeguarding: Harnessing Pain For Good

Safeguarding: A step-by-step guide


35:04 - Documentation Cont’d

  • Turning “Error Messages” Into “Help Messages”
  • Healthy Abstractions
  • Testing Communication

45:08 - Asking “Why” Questions vs “What” Questions: Observability


John: The idea of using a retrospective in such a small scale. Also, the difference in the level of community while pairing: building kinship.

Clare: Read more about the paradigm framing effect.

Llewellyn: Being appreciative of the people you pair with.

Arty: Taking the time to think about what you’re doing from the perspective of sharing affects what you do.

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