194: I Don’t Need You To Like Me, I Need You To Hate Racism with Dr. Courtney D. Cogburn

August 5th, 2020 · 1 hr 13 mins

About this Episode

02:28 - Courtney’s Superpower: Speaking on the Topic of Racism

“You can’t prioritize your discomfort over living your own values.” – Courtney

  • White Liberals Are Dangerous: the “I’m liberal...I’m not that bad” narrative
  • Action & Engaging in Antiracist Practices Over Lipservice
  • Antiracism is a Lifelong Learning Process
  • Not Seeing Race is Problematic – Disproportive Representation

13:16 - Adopting Attitudes Towards Antiracism

  • Understanding White Supremacy
  • If It’s Not Antiracist, It’s Racist

16:24 - 1000 Cut Journey

25:59 - Empathy is Insufficient

  • Are you aware of how white you are?

34:34 - The Tendency to Avoid Racism and Talking About Race

39:30 - Systemic Racism and Technology

  • Diversity is Not About Aesthetics
  • Centering Race
  • Training & Onboarding
  • Hiring From Non-Traditional Backgrounds
  • Understanding “Social Work”
  • Shifting Orientation:
  • Being Antiracist
  • Being Transdisciplinary
  • Understanding that avoiding harm is not the same thing as achieving justice


Rein: “Intention without strategy is chaos.” – Dr. Kim Crayton

Arty: Taking an antiracist approach to product development.

Jacob: Thinking more about the phrase “transdisciplinary” and the difference between it and “interdisciplinary.”

Courtney: 1. Talking about difficult things in a way that can be anchored in learning. 2. It’s not about what you believe; it’s what you do. 3. There is no neutral in marginalization and oppression.

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