Mia Mollie De Búrca

Special guest

Mia de Búrca is an Irish software engineer and circus performer. From a young age, she has had an ongoing love affair with language. She accidentally fell into coding by taking on an undergraduate in computational linguistics in order to cheat her way into a language degree without having to write any essays on culture.

She went on to complete a master’s in French translation, with a dissertation on the effect of machine translation on the words ‘This’ and ‘That’ (it wasn’t as boring as it sounds). Now firmly under the spell of software, Mia works as a full stack web developer at 99designs, a global creative platform based in Melbourne, Australia. Her focus is on creating empathetic and empowering workplaces and crafting software solutions that deliver real value to users.

When she’s not coding up a storm or circus-ing her heart out, Mia can be found monkeying about with her 16-month-old sleep thief/daughter.

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