158: Exploring Company Values with Ariel Caplan

November 27th, 2019 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

01:22 - Ariel’s Superpower: Extreme Irritability

  • How to Address What is Irritating You

07:30 - Accessibility Needs - Learning What Irritates Others

  • Disability Simulation in the Workplace
  • Hot-Keys vs. Mouse Use

16:05 - Rabbinical School

20:30 - Developing Company/Corporate Values

  • Purpose of Company Values
  • Revisiting the Values
  • When to Remove a Value
  • Wording of Values
  • Aspirational Values
  • The Right Time to Put Values into Writing


John: Using the process of establishing and/or revising values as a way of pulling in the experience of marginalized people in the company.

Jamey: Think about who your values put pressure on.

Jacob: Balance between whether values should be aspirational or should they be a reflection of things that people in the company have already internalized.

Ariel: Aspirational vs. Reflective values and when is the right time for each. Also, there is a point of giving too much weight to the values.

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