134: Building Profiles with Halleemah Nash

June 12th, 2019 · 54 mins 51 secs

About this Episode

01:43 - Halleemah’s Superpower: Cultural Fluency: Operating authentically and being who you are in any space you are in.


07:37 - Existing in Other Spaces; Active Listening

10:31 - Building Bridges to Change the Complexion of the Workforce

Generation Z

15:01 - Identifying Potential Talent, Engaging Underrepresented Populations, and Doing Intentional Work to Diversify Relationships

21:17 - Change, Evolution, and Reinvention

33:25 - Resilience and Acknowledging Privilege

40:10 - Shortening the Distance for Young People; “Urban Authenticity”


Sam: A door metaphor: Things that you can do with something that you originally think of as just being just a static part of the landscape around you that you can interact with and that you can change.

Rein: Maximizing the potential to shine within each person and maximizing their ability to shine throughout the world.

Arty: The concept of “Cultural Fluency”.

Halleemah: Radical professionalism.

Rein: Bonus Reflection: Light bulbs have the ability to shine but only with their connections with others.

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