Special Edition: Becoming an Elder & the "Stage Two" of Life

October 15th, 2019 · 4 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

There's a point in life, somewhere around the halfway mark, where the reality check hits -- you're going to die. There's a future without you in it. There's a new generation of children growing up, learning their way through the world, and humanity will keep moving forward without you.

On one hand, this is depressing. Everyday, we go through the motions. Everyday, we play the game. And suddenly, it all seems so meaningless.
The characteristic period of "mid-life crisis" starts with falling into a pit of nihilistic despair, and a quest to answer the most basic existential questions.

Does anything really matter? Who am I? What do I live for?

On the other side of these questions, something magical happens.

The finiteness of Life is also what gives it meaning. Every breath is something to cherish. Every joyful memory is a gift. And right now, in this moment, we have the opportunity to live and be, whoever it is we want to be.

Who are your heroes? Who do you admire?

What character do you want to play?

How can you use your special gifts to lift the people around you?

Like a cacoon-shattering phase change, a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, we become an Elder, a steward, and a leader that works on behalf of the children of our future.

This audio clip is a conversation between Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Team & Arty Starr about the journey of becoming an Elder, and why Arty decided to change her name.

If you want a bit more backstory, you can also check out this thread:

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