070: Trusting The Universe with Kale Kaposhilin

March 7th, 2018 · 54 mins 57 secs

About this Episode

02:10 – Kale’s Origin Story

05:10 – Connecting Through Story and Voice

The Law of Raspberry Jam

08:17 – Communicating Through Text vs Communicating Through Speech

Daniel Quinn

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

12:43 – Kale’s Superpower: Facilitating the Voices of Other People

Hudson Valley Tech Meetup

Catskills Conf

17:28 – Running Unconventional Events and Conferences; Trust and Taking Risks

25:10 – Creating Opportunities and Accepting Offerings

27:49 – Encouraging Diverse Attendance and Making People Feel Welcome

Virtue Signalling

38:45 – Interpreting Intentions, Actions, and Reactions; Centering Yourself and Being Vulnerable


Kale: People matter.

Jamey: Helping people be heard both physically and metaphorically.

Astrid: Trust fall into the universe.

Rein: Building the stage so that other people can speak from it makes a great ally.

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