090: The Journey with Chelsea Troy

July 25th, 2018 · 58 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

02:03 – Chelsea’s Superpower: Pushing through and enduring discomfort to accomplish things

06:24 – The Act of Writing and Reflection: Journaling as a Tool for Learning; Commit Tracing


14:27 – Getting and Dealing with Feedback

17:44 – Measuring Participation in Meetings

Why are there always technical problems in remote meetings?

Why do remote meetings suck so much? (caucus checklist)

How do we make remote meetings not suck? (follow-up post)

23:51 – Implementing Structure in Meetings

Valerie Aurora: Meeting Skills

31:58 – Cultivating Questions Kindly Without Assumption or Judgement

No Feigning Surprise: The Recurse Center User’s Manual

xkcd: Ten Thousand


39:03 – The Problem with Claiming “Self-Taught”

“The common industry accepted term to describe how I learned programming is “self-taught” but I’ve always found that so strange, considering all of the resources and communities that have helped me along the way.” – Jacob Stoebel


Jamey: Extending empathy to other people.

Chelsea: The story of where things come from and the people they come from can make them both much more interesting and much more accessible.

Coraline: The value of history.

Sam: One of the best ways to understand a tool is to understand the context that existed before the tool existed.

The nature of a caucus penalizes people for listening.

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