068: Skills of Resilience with Gerry Valentine

February 21st, 2018 · 45 mins

About this Episode

01:28 – Gerry’s Superpower: Building Resilience

02:51 – What is Resilience?

08:59 – Creating an Atmosphere of Psychological Safety

11:04 – Having Tough Conversations: Resilience on the Societal Level

18:41 – Moving Other People Forward and Leading Others as a Senior Dev

27:07 – Code Chitakwas

33:10 – Devaluing the Notion of Intellect


Gerry: What is “smart”, really and how are we smart enough to make the room of smart people bigger?

Coraline: Thinking of myself as a leader in my company and think about it can use the influence that I have to make sure that we’re creating and fostering a culture where we do face down the big problems.

Jamey: Being right, being new, and making process. Also, valuing intellect and having uncomfortable conversations.

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