045: Sexual Assault and Project Callisto with Lynn Cyrin

September 6th, 2017 · 53 mins 27 secs

About this Episode

Content/Trigger Warning: This episode discusses sexual assault.

00:16 – Welcome to “Fullstack Activism” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!”

01:22 – Lynn’s Background Story and Superpowers


11:34 – Project Callisto: Reporting Sexual Assault and Dealing with The System

17:57 – Institutional Betrayal and Keeping Information Private

20:49 – The Chain of Command: How Project Callisto Works

22:17 – Reticence When it Comes to Talking About Sexual Assault

26:04 – “Staying in Your Lane”

27:56 – Matching Reports

29:33 – The Technology Behind the App

34:14 – Evaluating Features

38:16 – Contributing to Project Callisto

Fund Club

Donate to Project Callisto

41:54 – Open Sourcing the Project

44:00 – Code Sharing


Coraline: Empathy and developers putting the psychological safety of their users first.

Brené Brown on Empathy

Astrid: Building technology for the greater good.

Jamey: If you don’t like what someone else is doing, you can do your own thing and make it happen.

Sam: Believe survivors.

Ashe Dryden: The Risk In Speaking Up

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