Episode 019: It’s Made of People!

This episode is in loving memory of Melia L. Moore


Astrid Countee | Sam Livingston-Gray | Jessica Kerr | Coraline Ada Ehmke

Guest Panelists:

Darin Wilson of Infinite Red and Keyboardist in @4Minus1Trio
Cheryl Schaefer of Launch Code and CoderGirl

Show Notes:

01:11 – What it means to be a Senior Engineer When You Don’t Want to Go Into Management

05:07 – Generativity: The difference between your team’s output with you on it and your team’s output without you.

Gregor Hohpe: 37 Things One Architect Knows About IT Transformation

13:46 – The Job of An Architect

22:09 – What are the managers doing? “It is too much to ask for your manager to be your career mentor?”

Sam Gerstenzang: The Happy Demise of the 10X Engineer

Everything’s an Argument by Andrea A. Lunsford, et al.


Astrid: From Jessica’s perspective, what a software architect actually is supposed to be doing.

Sam: Everything’s an Argument by Andrea A. Lunsford, et al.

Coraline: I’m going to read ^ book.

Jessica: More surprise episodes!

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Darin: Think less about me and more about the team around me. And I’m looking for a mentor!

Cheryl: Greater Than Code > Mission Taco

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