Tamsin Davis-Langley

Special guest

Tamsin Davis-Langley is a white, queer, nonbinary trans femme from a multiethnic family who grew up poor. They spent most of their adult work life as the “tech-savvy” person in a non-technical office, and are now pursuing a career in digital communications. Their academic path began in liberal arts, detoured through computer science, and ended with a degree in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies from the University of Washington. Their work explores the ways subcultural communities intersect with non-normative expressions of gender and sexuality. They've written about how the problems of abuse and predation in subcultures are linked to the power dynamics inherent in those groups. Under their nom de plume of Misha Magdalene, they're the author of Outside the Charmed Circle, a book about gender, sexuality, and spirituality.

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