Stephanie Morillo

Special guest

Stephanie is a content PM at Microsoft and an empress of documentation at Ruby Together. She first got into tech in 2012 when a fellow Dominican developer from the Bronx taught her how to code. In the time sense, she's been employed at various startups working at the intersection where developers and communicators meet. In 2015, she co-founded the Women of Color in Tech Chat with Christina Morillo and through the initiative, they released a collection of hundreds of free stock images of women of color technologists.

She's spoken at various tech conferences, written a number pieces on the tech industry. For Model View Culture, serves as a copy editor for an O'Reilly title, is guest editing an upcoming issue of the Recompiler Magazine and is currently a member of the Bundler core team. She's also finishing up a master’s degree in user experience design. Stephanie is passionate about open source, good food, reading fiction and constantly learning.

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