Dave Bock

Special guest

David Bock is the Vice President of Strategic Development at Core4ce, Inc. where he is responsible for taking new strategic ideas within the company through development and into production.

Prior to joining Core4ce, Mr. Bock has had roles in both private industry and Government consulting. He served as the VP of Enginering - Mission Support at Decisiv, the DevOps Service Area Lead at Excella, the Director of Engineering - Special Projects at LivingSocial, the President and Principal Consultant at CodeSherpas, Inc., and the Technical Director of the Federal Domain at FGM Inc. where he also served as the Chief Architect of the Export Control Program at the Department of State Nonprolliferation and Development Fund.

Mr. Bock speaks frequently on software engineering and management topics at software engineering conferences, and has had various roles in projects with O'Reilly, including the editor of their OnJava Newsletter and website, and judge for several of their Architectural Kata contests.

In 2005, Mr. Bock participated in several JCP standards initiatives, including the definition of the Java 6.0 platform (JSR-270). In 2006, Mr. Bock was awarded the title of "Java Champion", one of 100 such titles given to thought leaders in the Java community.

Mr. Bock's true passion is his work as the Executive Director of Loudoun Codes, a nonprofit for teaching K-12 students in Loudoun County, VA topics related to computer science. Mr. Bock has been volunteering in classrooms since 2013, working with parents and teachers on official curriculum, extracurricular and other supplemental activities.

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