054: Code Hospitality with Nadia Odunayo

November 8th, 2017 · 57 mins 44 secs

About this Episode

01:19 – Nadia’s Superpower

02:01 – Code Hospitality and Being a Good Host

Nadia Odunayo: The Guest: A Guide To Code Hospitality @ GORUCO 2016

Daniel Dennett’s “Intuition Pump”

10:22 – People and Habits and Having Expertise in a Particular Realm

17:00 – Asking Questions/Waiting for Explanation Rather Than Passing Judgement

22:16 – Codebases Are Constantly Changing: Use the README to Give Context

Code Hospitality Guide App

27:27 – Making Diagrams Whilst Coding/Pairing

Rapoport’s Rule

32:27 – Thinking About the “Why”

36:44 – Giving and Receiving Feedback in a Nonviolent Way

39:09 – Host Responsibilities for Hospitality


Jamey: Breaking down the power dynamic of learning.

Jacob: Unspoken rules and normalized behavior based on location and telling stories to make people feel more at home.

Rein: Recognizing emotional labor.

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