Episode 010: Citizen Cybersecurity with Jesse Pollak

December 7th, 2016 · 56 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

00:16 – Welcome to “Who’s Line of Code is it Anywhere?…” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!”

01:37 – Getting Started with Computer-ing & Security

PGP = Pretty Good Privacy

Filippo Valsorda: I’m giving up on PGP

09:28 – Clef and Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

12:33 – Citizen Cybersecurity Due to the Rise of Mass Surveillance

Quincy Larson: How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour

Signal by Whisper Systems

17:27 – Evaluating Service Providers


22:29 – Password Managers and Encrypting Data at Rest (Security by Default)



Noah Zoschke: Encryption at Rest (Convox Article)

25:30 – Tools and Resources

NaCl: Networking and Cryptography library (“Salt”)

Bouncy Castle

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

28:20 – Two-factor Authentication, Yubico

32:58 – Putting Trust in Security and the Organizations That Provide It; Centralization

38:06 – Developer Unions

42:58 – “Citizens are buying a lot of IoT devices that are being used for DDoS attacks. As citizens, are we responsible to some extent for them occurring regardless of our technical ability at the time of purchase?” – Yiorgos (George) Adamopoulos; What about retailers?

47:56 – “What are your thoughts on “benevolent” malware that looks for vulnerable devices and patches them without asking for permission from the device’s owner?” – Wesley Ellis


Jesse: We as a society have a responsibility to look after the people on the edges, and look after the people who don’t have the tools or don’t have the resources to do security themselves.

Mandy: Learning about security is important, even for a newbie.

Jay: We can’t just build the thing, we have to make sure that it’s usable and we have to make sure that beyond the fact that it works, that it’s going to be adopted by people and that it’s meaningful and helpful.

Sam: “Stop calling me a consumer. I am neither a gaping a mouth nor an open wallet. I am a citizen interacting in a community.” – Jeme Brelin

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