080: Crafting A Community

In this episode, Kris Howard talks about the similarities (and differences) between software and knitting communities. She also dives into her tweet about gender differences in “crafting” and why using the terms “craftsman” and “guys” to include all genders makes people uncomfortable.

079: Respect As Currency

In this episode, Richard Schneeman talks about the skill and art of troubleshooting bugs, interviewing and evaluating job candidates, empathy in open source, and bringing open source values into company culture.

077: Creating Space to Shine

In this episode, Anjuan Simmons talks about empowering others, creating space to allow people to be the best versions of themselves, and building authentic and constructive relationships.

073: Driven By Need, Guided By Example

In this episode, Dan North talks about improvement vs optimization, cost accounting, team alignment and camaraderie, and behavior-driven development.

072: Story Time

In this episode, Kerri Miller talks about community gatekeeping and contempt culture, the contextual framing of storytelling, what it means when you tell stories over and over again, and crafting the elements of a good story.

070: Trusting The Universe

In this episode, Kale Kaposhilin talks about letting yourself trust fall into the universe and be vulnerable, while facilitating the voices of other people.

069: Identity Is An Arrow

In this episode, Avdi Grimm talks about the pursuit of living a fixed life, achieving stasis, and becoming a visible person in tech while encouraging and inspiring others.

068: Skills of Resilience

In this episode, Gerry Valentine dives deep into the topic of resilience: creating an atmosphere of psychological safety, having tough conversations, and why people tend to devalue to notion of intellect.

067: Tech in Transition

In this episode, Ashanti-Mutinta joins the panel to talk about finding safe online community networks, perspectives on blocking and real name policies, and transitioning in while working in tech.