Episode 062: The Beauty of Art and Technology

Panelist Jamey Hampton shares their thoughts on feeling like you have to know everything, ‘zines and being a ‘zine librarian, and why The Death Star led to some intense feelings on ethics in technology.

Episode 061: Destruction-Focused Development

In this episode, Safia Abdalla joins us to talk about the Silicon Valley monoculture, tokenism, and being content vs happy. She also introduces the idea of Destruction-Focused Development.

Episode 059: Science All The Things!

In this astronomic episode, we talk to Pamela Gay about coding out of necessity, why understanding and knowing everything isn’t necessarily a good thing, and being a citizen scientist.

Episode 058: Kindness and Patience

Tara Scherner de la Fuente joins us to talk about conflating patience with kindness, company culture, advice for early career developers, and remote working.

Episode 057: Everything is UI

Christina Morillo talks about automation processes: discovery and reconnaissance, multitasking and context switching, and being kind to your busy self.

Tech The Halls 2017 Special Edition Episodes by @therubyrep

In September, I met some amazing people at the annual Code(her) Conf. While I was at the conference, I interviewed 9 women about their experiences as women in tech. I was also informed and invited to celebrate the tech scene in the Washington DMV area next month at Tech The Halls, Washington DC’s MEGA tech…

Episode 056: Systematize Your Hustle

Kronda Adair joins the panel to talk about why you should strive to systematize all the things within your business to reclaim your time, life, and to successfully allow others to help you.