203: Algorithmic Auditing and Accountability with Matthew Zhou

October 7th, 2020 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

01:54 - Matt’s Superpower: Letting Things Go Easily

  • Nonattachment and Immigration

08:35 - Matt’s Journey From Anthropology to Tech

  • The Intersection of Technology and Social Science

13:42 - Algorithmic Auditing and Accountability

29:38 - Data Surveillance: Gathering Enough Data vs Gathering Too Much Data (and particularly the effect on Black and Brown people)

36:57 - Speaking Out Regarding Racial Equity/Inequity and Social Justice in the Workplace

42:26 - Getting Involved in Politics on a Personal Level in 2020

48:12 - Medical/Healthcare Informatics & Thinking About Health Disparities


Jacob: Who unintended, affected by our technologies communities and people are.

Chanté: Diving deeper into algorithmic auditing as it pertains to ethics and what that means for organizations and leaders who hold power and influence.

Matthew: Technology platforms are far-reaching and engineers and technologists are going to have to become more fluent social scientists.

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