079: Respect As Currency with Richard Schneeman

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Rein Henrichs | Janelle Klein | John K. Sawers | Jamey Hampton

Guest Starring:

Richard Schneeman: @schneems | schneems.com | CodeTriage | Keep Ruby Weird  

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Show Notes:

02:05 – Schneems’ Superpower: Not being grossed out by baby poop! And, debugging.

06:03 – The Skill and The Art of Troubleshooting

18:12 – Interviewing and Evaluating People

32:07 – Working in Open Source

37:17 – The Tension Between Structure and Agency

40:32 – The Role of Empathy in Open Source

50:52 – Bringing Open Source Values Into Companies

57:33 – Putting Machines in the Middle of People


Jamey: Gut feelings vs objective data.

John: Dealing with unfriendly support cases and still having empathy.

Rein: Being able to stay centered when things pull you off balance.

Janelle: Respect as currency.

Richard: Leaving emotions behind in pull requests.


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