Code(Her) 2017 Special Edition Episodes by @therubyrep


I had the privilege of attending D.C. Web Women’s Code(Her) Conference this year (2017). They set me up in private rooms at The Washington Post and I had nine brave women sit down for impromptu interviews on a variety of different topics. Enjoy!

Designing with Purpose with Alizah Epstein
Alizah Epstein of Epstein Creative sat down to talk to me about designing with purpose. She aims to help mission-driven organizations (nonprofit and for-profit) clearly communicate their messages, capabilities, and brands—online, on paper, or in person.

Working in Big Business as an Underrepresented Person in Tech
This is an interview with a woman who works at bigcompany who wished to remain anonymous. We talk about what it’s like to work in a male dominated company, the importance of getting tech into young people’s hands, and why it’s important to attend conferences like Code(Her) Conference.

D.C. Web Women and Code(Her) Conference with Sibyl Edwards and Kristin Jolda
I talked to Sibyl Edwards, President of D.C. Web Women, and Kristin Jolda, the Code(Her) Conference director about the conference and what they hoped to (and did!) accomplish!

Building Community with Ksenia Coulter
Ksenia Coulter (a Greater Than Code fan already!) came in to talk to me about what she loves outside of programming: social dancing, and how the tech community could take notes on their community’s ways of socializing.

Celebrating Yourself with Abena Orteng-Agipong and Evie Series
These women: Abena Orteng-Agipong and Evie Series, have a lot to be proud of and feel accomplished about! Here, I talk to them about their achievements and goals as women in tech!

Wonder Women Tech with Lisa Mae Brunson
I was so nervous to interview Lisa Mae Brunson, the founder of Wonder Women Tech, but I did it and she was awesome.

Wonder Women Tech  produces national and international conferences that highlight, educate, and celebrate women and diversity in STEAM innovation and entrepreneurialism. Their conferences and programming offer a variety of speakers, panel discussions, coding classes, workshops, hackathons, community inclusion activities, through leadership, and other dynamic programming geared towards empowering women, girls, people of color, the underrepresented, and other diverse communities.

Hear Me Code with Shannon Turner
My last interview was Shannon Turner of Hear Me Code. It’s a program she started in her apartment after not being taken seriously in tech where she taught other women to code, who taught other people to code, who teach other people to code! I thought it was an awesome concept.

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