Episode 012: Jerome Hardaway


Coraline Ada Ehmke | Jessica Kerr | Astrid Countee

Guest Starring: Jerome Hardaway
Vets Who Code

Show Notes:

00:16 – Welcome to “It’s Made of People!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!”

02:17 – Jerome’s Background and Origin Story

General Assembly

09:30Vets Who Code: Funding, Technology Stack, Curriculum, and Students

John Washam: Googley As Heck

18:19 – Vets Who Code Student Experience

20:00 – Obstacles Veterans Face Getting Into Tech

  1. Location
  2. Network

Jacob Oakley: Learning Code with Kids

29:04 – Making the Tech Community More Welcoming to Veterans

33:37 – What should people in the tech community NOT do?

  1. Don’t Assume
  2. Recognize Women Veterans

36:55 – Getting Involved with Vets Who Code

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38:09 – Evaluating Opportunities

“The AAR” aka Takeaways:

Astrid: Addressing emotional intelligence and increasing 1% each day.

Jessica: Using Ruby on Rails is a valuable resource for teaching people how to code.

Coraline: Time is life and life is also time. Don’t be married to the tool, be married to the problem.

Jerome: Be “Greater Than Code” and ask questions about people.

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