DevOps: Focus on Culture but Don’t Ignore the Tools

A guest blog post from Mike Loukides, Vice President of Content Strategy for O’Reilly Media, Inc. The systems we build—whether they are technical, social, or organizational—are increasingly complex and distributed. We’ve reached a point where we can’t understand, see, or control all the moving parts, yet we are responsible for the resilience and performance of…

Episode 047: Communicating Across Boundaries

Declan Whelan joins us to talk about communicating across boundaries: cross-cultural communication dynamics, adopting practices across teams, and technical debt vs technical health.

Code(Her) 2017 Special Edition Episodes by @therubyrep

  I had the privilege of attending D.C. Web Women’s Code(Her) Conference this year (2017). They set me up in private rooms at The Washington Post and I had nine brave women sit down for impromptu interviews on a variety of different topics. Enjoy! Designing with Purpose with Alizah Epstein Alizah Epstein of Epstein Creative sat…

Special Edition: Innovation Amidst a Disaster with Jeff Reichman

This episode stars, Jeff Reichman, who talks about how the Houston tech community came together to help people through Hurricane Harvey and the aftermath, the technology opportunities in disaster response, the harvey-api that they developed, and how tech devs need to be side-by-side with relief efforts, while responding to tech needs right away.

Episode 045: Sexual Assault and Project Callisto

In this episode, we talk to Lynn Cyrin, a developer on the Project Callisto sexual assault reporting application. In this episode, we talk about institutional betrayal, the importance of keeping survivor information private and the technology behind the app.

Episode 043: The Accessibility of Board Games

James Edward Gray and Mischa Lewis-Norelle talk about the accessibility of board games, the various different kind of games and particular challenges of categories, and offer resources.

Episode 042: @CallbackWomen

Carina C. Zona joins us to talk about making a difference with her organization, @CallbackWomen, and why diversity and inclusion is so important to have at conferences.

Episode 041: Casey Watts!

We discuss Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mind manipulation, and maladaptive thought patterns with Casey Watts!