Episode 024: Felienne Hermans

We discuss teaching programming as a language, what constitutes “real” programming, and digital literacy with Felienne Hermans.

Episode 023: Lorena Mesa

Lorena Mesa joins us to talk about politics and software, using Python for data collection, and communication and organization within communities.

Episode 021: Phil Sturgeon

Phil Sturgeon joins us to talk about codes of conduct, contempt culture, and what it means to be a Social Justice Warrior.

Episode 020: Jenn Schiffer

In this powerful episode, we talk to Jenn Schiffer about pixel art, sexuality in tech, and online presence.

Episode 019: It’s Made of People!

This impromptu community episode discusses the role of a Senior Architect, and is it too much to ask for your manager to be your career mentor?

Episode 016: Julia Evans

In this episode, we talk to Julia Evans about writing blog posts, asking good questions, and DevOps.

Episode 015: Zuri Hunter

In this episode, Zuri Hunter talks about hackathons, navigating the channels of your career, and hiring practices.