Episode 019: It’s Made of People!

This impromptu community episode discusses the role of a Senior Architect, and is it too much to ask for your manager to be your career mentor?

Episode 016: Julia Evans

In this episode, we talk to Julia Evans about writing blog posts, asking good questions, and DevOps.

Episode 015: Zuri Hunter

In this episode, Zuri Hunter talks about hackathons, navigating the channels of your career, and hiring practices.

Episode 014: Ra’Shaun Stovall

Snuggs joins us for a discussion about the differences between junior and senior developers and how everyone can work together.

Episode 013: Audrey Eschright

Audrey Eschright, editor and publisher of The Recompiler Mag, talks to us about writing, religion in tech, and community and labor organization.

Episode 012: Jerome Hardaway

We talk to Jerome Hardaway of Vets Who Code: a nonprofit dedicated to closing the digital talent gap and easing career transition for military veterans.

Episode 011: Amy Wibowo

In this episode we talk to Amy Wibowo, of BubbleSort Zines, about zine making, introducing art into STEM education, and making websites as a full-time career.

Episode 010: Jesse Pollak

During this show, we talk to Jesse Pollak about citizen cybersecurity, encryption, 2FA, and putting trust into organizations who provide it.