075: Code and Witchcraft

Coraline Ada Ehmke talks about being a “Code Witch” and perceiving the construct of reality, as well as being deliberate, refactoring your life, and the ideas of impressions and personas.

074: Be Your Own Hero

Astrid Countee talks about her field: social science and how it relates to technology, ethics, and design. Working in numbers-based environments is also discussed, along with the power of influence and control, and social media.

071: Brein Power

In this episode, panelist Rein Henrichs talks about recovering from failure, the difference between hierarchical and growth-oriented organizations, and making choices that are right for ourselves.

062: The Beauty of Art and Technology

Panelist Jamey Hampton shares their thoughts on feeling like you have to know everything, ‘zines and being a ‘zine librarian, and why The Death Star led to some intense feelings on ethics in technology.

057: Everything is UI

Christina Morillo talks about automation processes: discovery and reconnaissance, multitasking and context switching, and being kind to your busy self.

023: Politics and Software

Lorena Mesa joins us to talk about politics and software, using Python for data collection, and communication and organization within communities.