Friday Update

Happy Friday!  Next week, we’ll be recording our very first episode with Noel Rappin.  We’ll get our first few episodes out as soon as we can, and then we’ll figure out what kind of schedule we can sustain.  We hope to be able to publish at least every two weeks.

We know a lot of you would love a weekly show, and we’d love to give it to you!  We also want to do a bit more prep for each show than we used to, and of course there’s also the question of funding.  We figure $950/month should allow us to publish biweekly.

We’ll seek out sponsors as we need to, but we’d rather be a listener-supported show.

None of the panelists are taking any money for the show—in fact, for the time being, several of us are supporting it out of our own wallets.  We’re paying the amazing Mandy Moore to wrangle guests, wrangle us, edit the audio, coordinate the transcription, and do all the other tasks it takes to keep a podcast running smoothly.

And now it’s time for a hearty 💖THANK YOU💖 to our sponsors so far!  So far, the following listeners have supported us on Patreon:

We’re so thrilled to have your enthusiasm even before we’ve recorded a single episode.  We hope you like what we’ve got in store!

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