Episode 029: p=eMPathy

Science technology, the influence of science fiction, machine learning, and congruency with Ariel Waldman, Ashe Dryden, and Brad Grzesiak.

Episode 028: Janelle Klein

In this episode, Janelle Klein, author of Idea Flow, talks about designing releases and best practices, measuring effort, and Agile Fluency.

Episode 027: Rachel Katz

Rachel Katz, of AngelHack, talks about hackathons and the value of celebrating glorious failure and responding stress and pressure.

Episode 026: Saron Yitbarek

Saron Yitbarek stops by to talk about her upcoming Codeland conference. We also talk about nurturing newbies, capitalism, and creating inclusive spaces.

Episode 025: Tina Lee

We talk to Tina Lee, CEO of MotherCoders, about changing the culture around gender roles and caregiving, as well as challenging Silicon Valley elitism, sexism, and defining cultural norms.

Episode 024: Felienne Hermans

We discuss teaching programming as a language, what constitutes “real” programming, and digital literacy with Felienne Hermans.

Episode 023: Lorena Mesa

Lorena Mesa joins us to talk about politics and software, using Python for data collection, and communication and organization within communities.

Episode 021: Phil Sturgeon

Phil Sturgeon joins us to talk about codes of conduct, contempt culture, and what it means to be a Social Justice Warrior.

Episode 020: Jenn Schiffer

In this powerful episode, we talk to Jenn Schiffer about pixel art, sexuality in tech, and online presence.