071: Brein Power

In this episode, panelist Rein Henrichs talks about recovering from failure, the difference between hierarchical and growth-oriented organizations, and making choices that are right for ourselves.

070: Trusting The Universe

In this episode, Kale Kaposhilin talks about letting yourself trust fall into the universe and be vulnerable, while facilitating the voices of other people.

069: Identity Is An Arrow

In this episode, Avdi Grimm talks about the pursuit of living a fixed life, achieving stasis, and becoming a visible person in tech while encouraging and inspiring others.

068: Skills of Resilience

In this episode, Gerry Valentine dives deep into the topic of resilience: creating an atmosphere of psychological safety, having tough conversations, and why people tend to devalue to notion of intellect.

067: Tech in Transition

In this episode, Ashanti-Mutinta joins the panel to talk about finding safe online community networks, perspectives on blocking and real name policies, and transitioning in while working in tech.

Call For Panelists!

Hey you! 😀 The Greater Than Code panelists have some exciting news: we’re looking to add new panelists to our show and we think it could be you! We’re particularly looking for people of diverse backgrounds who feel they could bring a unique perspective to our show. We would especially like to hear from people…

066: Growing a Culture

In this episode, Allison Kopf talks about what tech looks like in the context of a working farm, building a good remote company culture, and disagreeing respectfully while maintaining strong opinions.

065: Radical Design

In this episode, Marian Petre and André van der Hoek join the show to talk about their book, “Software Design Decoded: 66 Ways Experts Think”. They explore the ideas of the democratization of software development, problem solving, and radical design.

064: Stories, Bias and AI

In this episode, Aditya Mukerjee talks about algorithmic decision making in machine learning and AI, recognizing the effects of bias, and storytelling in software and engineering.